Ibrahim bin Mousa Al-Zuwaid Group aims to build a solid foundation in investment and commercial work, establish a national supportive edifice for development, contribute to nurture the private sector with successful projects to participate in national goals and visions, and establish strong facilities capable of creating diversified employment opportunities and open new horizons and localize jobs. Continue to plan, prepare and develop companies and institutions that contribute to national investment in parallel with official efforts.

The Group draws its message from the contents of the Kingdom’s National Vision 2030, which seeks to empower the private sector, diversify sources of income, and proceed from the National Transformation Program 2020, which comes from the Vision, which is in line with the developments in the Kingdom’s development process and in response to the aspirations of the ambitious leadership in expanding investment activity. And strengthen its strategic role supporting the government sector.

The Group derives its strategy from established principles based on challenge and achievement, in order to achieve success and stability, and to achieve the objectives of the group in building a conscious partnership with government institutions and sectors of society, and to ensure the completion of official and popular efforts in the areas of education, health and public services, as well as to enter into the areas of New opportunities as needed and seize the appropriate opportunities.

Since the group’s first launch through Al Ghad Trading and Contracting Est, the name of Al Ghad has been present for laying down strategic planning, as an affirmation of tireless work for a prosperous future, hoping that successes will continue day by day. The Group has the advantage of investing in various sectors, working on new and productive ideas, continuous development in renewable activities, establishing projects and preparing them in cooperation with specialists and experts in several fields.

The Group has also been able to maintain a consistent level of quality and mastery imposed on itself, despite the diversity of companies and fields, believing in the group’s roles and responsibilities, and aspirations did not stop there, as it adopted a smart policy that combines investment with development to be more effective and sustainable Stability, and to preserve the main ideas and objectives for which the group was established.

The Group regularly participates in social responsibility programs and public charitable activities that are an Islamic, national and humanitarian duty, and continuously contributes to all activities that promote affiliation, an extension of the role of the private sector in promoting cohesion and solidarity and representation of the country and highlight its values ​​and originality, the group sponsors activities that are consistent with its general objectives. Also to implement continuous programs targeting different groups of society.

The Group adopts a constant logo and symbol, whereby no project can succeed and survive without a continuous process of development to maintain quality and excellence. The Group has adopted practical laws for modernization and renewal and transition to smart and modern investment, and to consolidate excellence and creativity in the Group’s facilities and services. Preparing the full means of research, plans and tools of supervision, follow-up and implementation

The group approved special departments to carry out development tasks, organize meetings, conduct studies and consultations, and reach conclusions, recommendations and proposals under the supervision of qualified and deliberate cadres, and follow-up all the activities of the group accurately and proficiency, as well as issuing reports and observations to avoid mistakes and correct them, and strive to preserve the gains of the group, to make them in The ranks of sophisticated establishments that are looking for all new to be applied according to scientific bases and within the framework of keeping up with developments.

The group has made great and qualitative steps in the field of development, where it has established institutes, academies, centers and programs for strategic planning, development and training for men and women in different regions and cities and distributed throughout the Kingdom, and attracted a number of academics and pioneers in various sectors, and set the group to cover the sectors Inactive to meet national and development needs.

This continuous growth and unique diversity – thanks to God – in the Group’s facilities could not have been achieved except by a distinctive management and professional work from the marketing and public relations sector, and follow-up and attention from the top of the pyramid in the group, through the activation of a number of marketing and advertising activities characterized by precedence and leadership, in addition to Supporting, sponsoring and actively participating in existing activities.

Al-Zuwaid Group adopts modern ideas and scientific theories that will improve its facilities, within plans and strategies that support the wise leadership trends in all fields, attracting an experienced management in the field of marketing, and formed a team of innovators to create a variety of marketing programs, printing periodicals, and designing websites for the group. And its various facilities, and supervise its pages on social media sites, and cover the activities and activities of the group.

The group worked on joining a number of social activities, participating in public meetings, signing memorandums of understanding and cooperation and building close relations with various companies, institutions and public and private associations. It also launched media and publicity campaigns and launched prizes for excellence and success. The group contributed and continues to contribute to seminars and exhibitions. And supported many influential and meaningful campaigns.

Chairman's Message

Mr. Ibrahim bin Musa Zuwaid

The Zuwaid Group is the fruit of years of diverse work and giving that tells a success story that can be a personal experience to measure the state of growth and prosperity experienced by the stages of economic development in Saudi Arabia.

The group was established in 1395 AH (1975) through a small facility called Al Ghad Trading & Contracting Est. Within a few years it was able to create a large space in the service of the public and private sectors.

Al-Ghad Establishment, which became Al-Ghad International Company in 1402 AH, had the opportunity to enter into various economic fields, including import, export, contracting, general construction and construction of commercial complexes.

The construction of school buildings for the state and the opening and operation of schools were a catalyst for the establishment of private schools. At that time, the Qassim region was at the beginning of its developmental renaissance. This is the first experience of private education in the Qassim region, where more than twenty years ago marked a promising start for development investment.

With the transformation of Al-Ghad into «Al-Zuwaid Group», nearly 70% of its investment activity in the fields of education and training has been allocated to the establishment of university colleges, academies and institutes.

Al-Ghad Model Schools and Manarat Al-Qassim Schools are opening these educational institutions towards a higher horizon and a goal to expand in the field of investment in the educational, health, real estate, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities, in parallel with the comprehensive economic development experienced by the Kingdom in its various periods. In addition to the opening of specialized institutes for technical sciences for girls, which spread all over the Kingdom, Zowaid Group became one of the most influential companies in the national investment after these years. To develop and believe in more effective roles for the private sector.

The Group’s companies have diversified to include Al Ghad for Education and Training, Medical Care, Gulf Center for Economic Development, Gulf Contracting Center, Gulf Center for Investment and Real Estate Development, Al Ghad Markets, and Weqaya for Security and Protection, with the main focus on educational activities.

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