In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, many investments and projects in various fields can only be achieved through successful support from state institutions and society, which represents a positive approach to stimulate partnership and interest in development. Saudi Arabia 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, which aim to expand the role of the private sector in development and the economy, the group has tended in parallel to build its vision to develop traditional smart investment to development investment based on a conscious partnership with Government institutions and with the community.


Investment in education in various stages (general education and higher education) and in several regions, as well as investment in the health and medical services sector in its various specializations. Real estate, industrial and commercial investments are also promoted as a source of development investments on the financial and financing level.

Our investments are growing with the growth of those establishments that always thrive through the continuation and activation of development and modernization processes that are based on scientific studies and researches that will improve the level of services provided, and make them in the ranks of sophisticated facilities that are looking for all new to be applied according to scientific bases and within the framework of keeping abreast of developments.

We continue to innovate and invest in plans and strategies that support the wise leadership of our leadership in all fields. Perhaps the reasons for its success are our human cadres who have contributed and continue to contribute to the development and growth that keeps pace with the developments of the development process it is going through. Saudi Arabia.

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